The Weiser Community Church came into being as the merger of two smaller churches in the mid-60’s. Both the Congregational Church and the Brethren Church were unable to afford full-time pastors and were declining in numbers, so they decided to merge. They were led through this merger and into the next 11 years by Dr. Leonard Reifel. After his tenure, there were four pastors who stayed 3-4 years each and tried to maintain the church’s health. Some were successful, others weren’t. The church is not affiliated with any denomination and would be characterized as multi-denominational. We have almost every worship tradition represented including Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregational, Brethren, Pentecostal as well as the formerly non-
religious who were not raised in a church. This has proven to be a real strength as we focus on the essentials and the core beliefs that we have in common rather than the peripheral issues and distinctives that characterize many denominations and spiritual movements.

The Lord has been very good to the church. We have seen slow but steady growth both in numbers and spiritual maturity through the years. We have been overwhelmed lately to realize how much God has done. We have attempted to maintain a very non-programmed style in the church, which is a challenge when you reach a certain number of people attending. Our main programming is on Sunday mornings, in small groups during the week, and Wednesday night youth ministry. Our groups tend to be issue- or ministry-
oriented with youth ministries, men’s groups, women’s groups, parenting groups, etc. as examples; keeping an equipping mindset that allows people to have an impact for Christ outside the walls of the church.