Ministry Teams

At Weiser Community Church, we have an amazing body of volunteers and ministry leaders.  Each aspect of our ministry at W.C.C. is structured to function under a variety of ministry teams that delegate responsibilities and help to facilitate service to the body and the community of Weiser. On this page you’ll find a list of the Ministry Teams, their responsibilities, and who to contact with questions for these Ministries.

Shepherding Team – This Team is Responsible for the oversight of the spiritual health of the body and its ministries at W.C.C.
Contact: Steve Penner – 208-550-1241

Christian Education – This Team is Responsible for all Youth related education at W.C.C.  The team oversees Middle and High School Youth Programs, as well as Sunday School, Tot’s and Kids’ Time, and Vacation Bible School during the Summer.
Contact: Valarie Gomez – 208-550-2730

Effective Structures – This Team is Responsible for any and all Property and Building related maintenance as well as planning and coordinating updates and repairs to current or future additions of the W.C.C. campus.
Contact: Charles Winegardner – 208-549-2013

Inspiring Worship – This Team is Responsible for preparing and leading Worship at W.C.C. This involves many areas from music and art, to decorating and equipment maintenance.
Contact: Kip Hicks –

Loving Relationships – This Team is Responsible for planning and organizing community events for W.C.C. This includes mens’ and womens’ retreats, as well as family camp-outs and Seasonal festivals.
Contact: TBD

Missions and Outreach – This Team is Responsible for Many areas of W.C.C.’s impact on the community and the world beyond it’s borders. This includes organizing short term trips to Mexico and Honduras, as well as local outreach through Celebrate Recovery and Season Festivals.
Contact: Linda Strain – 208-573-1152

Passionate Spirituality – This Team is Responsible for providing opportunities for vital small group and healthy corporate prayer, as well as individual devotion, study and prayer.  This includes weekly prayer meetings and church wide prayer events like prayer summits or prayer weekends.
Contact Vicki Lukehart – 208-550-0805

Small Groups – This Team is Responsible for organizing and directing people into healthy and spiritually encouraging groups of like-minded men and women who will help spur one another on towards growth in their relationship with Christ.
Contact: Steve Penner – 208-550-1241

Spiritual Gifts – This Team is Responsible for helping those desiring to serve, to find the perfect place to grow through serving others, by discovering their God given talents and gifting.
Contact – Leslie Eisenbarth – 208-549-1062


If you have any questions on any of our teams, or if you are interested in using your gifts to help serve His body and the community of Wiser, please feel free to call any one on this page for more info on how to get involved at Weiser Community Church.